Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, this tool will be temporarily be available within all subscription plans (instead of just the Premium plan) until further advised. To get access to this tool, you must first complete the waiver form (see Terms of Use section below).

The Zoom tool lets you embed a Zoom video call directly on a page within The HiVE, without users having to download the Zoom application. It enables you to host video meetings and connect with your audience in a more personalized way using the power of video to mimic face to face interactions.

The Zoom tool is great for holding small group meetings (such as focus groups) or even large public meetings, and can be used to facilitate collaborative, real-time discussions.

Combining the Zoom tool with other participation tools on a project page is a great way to create a live workshop setting where participants can share comments and ideas, respond to quick poll questions and have discussions between themselves, while listening to facilitated discussions and presentations.

Please also note that the Zoom implementation used in The HiVE (Zoom web client) currently has some limited features and functions and is best experienced on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

Zoom meeting in progress with multiple participants

Zoom meeting in progress with multiple participants

Zoom meeting finished

Once the Zoom meeting has concluded, the block will display a number of summary stats.

Terms of Use

The Zoom tool requires a separate subscription to Zoom to use and you will primarily use the Zoom interface to conduct your meetings.

As a third party tool, Harvest has limited control over the application, so functionality may be limited and is subject to change, and the support we may be able to provide is limited.

As such in order to get access to the tool, you must acknowledge these limitations by completing the waiver form below. Once you have done this, we will arrange access to the tool on your site.