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Join the Treasure hunt!

Let's have a bit of fun with The HiVE.
This HiVE demo page was originally built as part of the IAP2A conference 2021 and shows how the Hotspot tool can be used as a treasure map.
During the conference we gave away a prize to one lucky person who made it to the end of the clues. The giveaway is now closed.

man with treasure and shovel next to a hole

How to play:

  1. Click on Hotspot number 1. below in the map of the world and then follow the clues
  2. There are 5 Hotspot clues all together that will take you through The HiVE demo site
  3. The 5th Hotspot clue lead to a form where you could leave your name and contact details in hope to win a copy of Becky Hirst's book - For the love of community engagement
  4. The Hotspot tool is a premium tool in The HiVE. The one below has more than 5 Hotspots to lead you astray, take you down dead ends and turn you in to a real Sherlock Holmes
  5. We gave away one book away to an attendee at the conference in the first week of November. The treasure hunt is now closed but please experience the challenge.
  6. The treasure hunt will ran from 8am 25 October 2021 to 5pm 29 October 2021 (AEST) and is now closed.
  7. The Winner was announced the first week of November via our LinkedIn page.

Using the Hotspot tool, follow the clues

Start at clue number 1

World map

The winner received a copy of 'For the love of community engagement' by Becky Hirst

Front cover of Becky Hirst's book for the love of community engagement

Two ways to play

Want to book a live demo of The HiVE

Now you have had a play through the demo site and seen the amazing capability of The HiVE, get in contact for a demo -

Book a demo with us

Send us an email to

IAP2A conference presentation - word submission

We used Visioner during the conference as an activity held during our presentation on 27 October 2021 at the IAP2A conference. It is still open.

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