Attention past and present St Josephine’s students, staff and parents! We’re reaching out to our alumni network to provide opportunities for former students and staff to connect and share your stories and opportunities. We want to see where you are, share your inspiring stories and help you connect to create professional and career development opportunities.

We pride ourselves on creating the very best start for the young women who pass through our doors. We help young girls develop into capable, conscientious and enterprising young women who make their mark on the world and achieve great things. Now we want to help those women reach out to each other and lift each other up, with a professional network that provides opportunities to alumni to connect, network and share their experiences, mentor each other and connect each other with professional opportunities.

Share your story below, register and reach out to like-minded alumni with your opportunities, suggestions and ideas. Let’s reach out a hand to former St Josephine’s girls and lift them up to the next stage of their careers!


Where are you?

St Josephine’s alumni reach far and wide, covering the world and leaving their mark wherever they go. Share your location and tell us where you and what you’re up to now!

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Upcoming alumni events

We host regular catch-ups for alumni to meet, network and share their stories. Each session features presentations by alumni, sharing their stories and achievements.