We're planning a number of improvements to the facilities in Wonderpark. Here you can learn more about what the community has proposed and get involved in shaping the final outcomes!

The view from Wonderpark

Proposal 1

New BBQ area

BBQ areas are very popular and it can be hard to find a spot. They provide a great opprotunity for friends to meet, have fun and share food.

We think we should add some new facilities, but where? Help us find an appropriate location for a new facility in Wonder Park.


Where should a new BBQ area be built

Show us where you think you a new bbq facility should go. Be sure to consider the surrounding uses and activities!
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Proposal 2

Extended Parklet

The entry of the park near Rathdowne Street and Haight Streets is unsightly, uninviting and unsafe. What about extending the Park through a parklet?

Proposal 3

Hammock Nook

The area adjacent to the bandshell is a perfect shaded spot for relaxing. What about using it to hang public hammocks?