In our 25-year strategy, we have recommended the extension of the Haddonfield train line into Woodsboro, reflecting the increasing community of commuting professionals, rise of medium to high density living, and growing need for public transport options in this steadily growing area. A train line to Woodsboro would also connect the capital city with one of the most substantial and important growth areas in the west of the county.

Woodsboro is home to 80,000 people, with another 80,000 projected to live there in the next 15 years. It is the industrial hub of the west, and home to many professionals who commute to the capital for work. During our previous consultation phase, we heard loud and clear from residents of Woodsboro that they needed fast and efficient transport to and from the capital.

Assessing the options, we agree that Woodsboro’s size, demographics and rate of growth merit a heavy rail connection. We are now seeking input on where the station should be, and design options for the station.

Where should the station be?

25 year strategy highlights

Design options

Both of the design options are fully accessible and take into account the needs of the facility. Slide across to view the before and after artist’s impressions, then vote on which you prefer below.

Option 1

Before: After:

Option 2

Before: After:

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Design option 1

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Design option 1

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Design option 2

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Design option 2

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