This example uses The HiVE's Visioner tool to source ideas from the community, who can then vote on each other's contributions.

What should a new leisure centre look and feel like?

Contribute to developing the vision for the leisure centre by sharing your thoughts below.

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10 August, 2020

Interested Student says:

“This is a sample contribution.”

22 May, 2020

Test says:


6 May, 2020

Sally says:

“Lots of trees”

9 April, 2020

Rob Grim says:

“Goed idee!”

19 March, 2020

Julie says:

“Bicycle friendly”

17 January, 2020

fi says:

“flying fox ”

24 September, 2019

jzeron says:

“A place where we can bring our kids and feel safe.”

4 June, 2018

admin says:

“A space where people can learn to repair things. We should reduce waste and recycle unwanted but perfectly good items.”

4 June, 2018

admin says:

“Create multi-functional and adaptable spaces that can be used for all kinds of activities rather than just one. ”

4 June, 2018

admin says:

“An aquatic facility like the one they have in Banyule.”

4 June, 2018

admin says:

“A place where families can come to do physical activities together.”

4 June, 2018

admin says:

“A place where people feel both welcome and safe.”