The HiVE's Form tool makes it easy for you to create engaging surveys to collect data and insights relevant to your project.

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This is an example of a short text question type

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The long text area question types lets your visitors leave a lot of text in order to clearly pitch an idea or expound on an issue

The rating question type lets you ask people to rate something - you can choose smiley faces, thumbs up, stars or lovehearts.

Do you agree with these questions?

The Matrix/Likert Scale question type allows you to ask questions on a scale and present questions with gradients, levels or spectrums.

Not at all
Not much
Very much
I like to visit the Town Hall
I agree with the Town Hall restoration plan
What colour shall we paint the Town Hall?

Radio buttons limit the participant to choose only one answer

Which animals should live in the park?

A multiple checkbox answer type allows users to select one or more answers from a list.

The rank question type enables people to create a list of priorities from a selected group of answers

  1. Equestrian #
  2. Gymnastics #
  3. Diving #
  4. Petanque #
  5. Basketball #
  6. Dog agility #

The number field limits answers to numeric characters only - within a prescribed range.

The Select Box answer type allows visitors to select one answer from a drop down menu.

The File Upload answer type allows people to upload an image or document.

Select the option that best reflects your priorities and values.

A single check box means visitors can only choose one answer

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