This example uses The HiVE's Fund It tool to create a participatory budgeting exercise.

Your remaining budget:

Locals meetup

Sponsor:  Community Group

Strengthen place-based communities with local social clubs

  12 Votes (12%)

Smart crosswalks

Sponsor:  Vicroads

Pedestrian crossings that recognise when people approach and manage traffic

  20 Votes (19%)

Farmers market

Sponsor:  Farmers association

Promote healthy eating within the community

  20 Votes (19%)

Commissioned Street Art

Sponsor:  Council

Controlling graffiti through commissioned artworks

  23 Votes (22%)

Hammock Nook

Sponsor:  Council

Tranquility in the city

  19 Votes (18%)

New soccer pitch

Sponsor:  parks and recreation

A local opportunity for the world's game

  10 Votes (10%)