Have you just arrived in Andrewsberg? Firstly, welcome to your new home and your new community.

We understand how difficult and daunting it is to start a new life in a new city and a new country so we wanted to engage and hear from you on how we can make your transition into the community a little easier.

You are probably getting a lot of information and have a lot of tasks to complete to ensure your life runs smoothly here in the city.Using this page we want to help you. You can tell us what services you need information on and we will point you in the right direction and share how we can help you understand that information.

We’d like to know what type of contacts you would like to make within the community and we can help you connect It would also be great for us to understand what style of communication makes you feel comfortable so in future we communicate correctly with you and if there are any issues or concerns you have about living in Andrewsberg you can share them here.

This page is here to make your transition into the Andrewsberg community an easier and enjoyable one.

Please tell us what you think.

Other languages - 欢迎, Добро пожаловать, Bienvenue


Where can we meet other new arrivals? 我们在哪里可以遇到其他新来者?Где мы можем встретить других новоприбывших? Où pouvons-nous rencontrer d'autres nouveaux arrivants?

  • The Andrewsberg Connection Centre, 101 Queen Elizabeth Drive in Andrewsberg is a great centre for information, resources and also linking with other new arrivals. A cafe is open 8am-4pm for you to arrange meet-ups or just start conversations using our patented share with me table set-up.
  • 位于安德鲁斯贝格(Andrewsberg)伊丽莎白女王大道(Queen Elizabeth Drive)101号的安德鲁斯贝格连接中心(Andrewsberg Connection Centre)是一个提供信息,资源并与其他新来者链接的重要中心.
  • Эндрюсбергский соединительный центр, 101 Квин Элизабет Драйв в Эндрюсберге, является отличным центром информации, ресурсов, а также связи с другими новичками.
  • Le Andrewsberg Connection Centre, 101 Queen Elizabeth Drive à Andrewsberg est un excellent centre d'information, de ressources et de liaison avec d'autres nouveaux arrivants.

Who can I contact if I need help with understanding the City?

In our Tourist Information offices at City Hall and in Oak Tree Mall you can find friendly City Guides. At 1pm every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday these City Guides run a free guided walk around the main parts of the city and are happy to give advice and answer questions on route.

​Where can I go to find help on a legal issue?

The City of Andrewsberg has a Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) where you can get free support on numerous legal issues. This includes Family Separation, Financial Hardship and matters associated with Housing, Utilities and Banking. Visit the CAB at 125 Baker Street in the city.

I need to get my documents approved by an Official, where can I go?

Our Justice of the Peace (JP) service allows you to turn up without an appointment and have documents witnessed as original or approved for official use. Please note you may need to wait for up to an hour during busy periods. Our JP service runs Mon-Fri from 10am-12pm and additionally on Thursday from 5pm-7pm at the Citizens Advice Bureau at 125 Baker Street in the city.

How do I vote in local elections?

As a new resident of Andrewsberg you are invited to vote in local council elections from the time you arrive. You will however need to register your details with us at City Hall. For an information pack on how to register to vote please email elections@andrewsberg.com.ac with your full name, a contact phone number and a postal address.

Our city services

We know that when you move to a new city and even a new country you need to access a lot of information to help you make decisions. That information needs to be accessible and appropriate. Lots of agencies, government and non-government services, banks, and utilities will be sending you letters, emails and brochures even calling you to discuss various forms you might need to fill out or meetings you might need to attend. Here at Andrewsberg we want to make that a little easier for you by asking you what information you want from us? Andrewsberg Council Services can be found highlighted in the picture below in Purple. Other services you might be interested in are highlighted in Orange. Click on each HotSpot to reveal more.

我们想在安德鲁斯贝格(Andrewsberg)询问您想从我们这里得到什么信息,从而使您的工作变得简单一些 下图中以紫色突出显示了安德鲁斯贝格市政服务。 橙色可能会突出显示您可能感兴趣的其他服务。 单击每个热点以显示更多。

Здесь, в Эндрюсберге, мы хотим сделать это немного проще для вас, спросив, какую информацию вы хотите от нас? Службы Совета Эндрюсберга выделены на рисунке ниже фиолетовым цветом. Другие услуги, которые могут вас заинтересовать, выделены оранжевым цветом. Нажмите на каждый HotSpot, чтобы узнать больше.

Chez Andrewsberg, nous voulons vous faciliter la tâche en vous demandant quelles informations vous souhaitez obtenir de nous? Les services du conseil d'Andrewsberg sont mis en évidence dans l'image ci-dessous en violet. Les autres services qui pourraient vous intéresser sont mis en évidence dans Orange. Cliquez sur chaque HotSpot pour en révéler plus.

Photo by Nathan Queloz on Unsplash
City Hall
City Library
Citizens Advice Bureau
Andrewsberg Connection Centre
Tourist Information at Oak Tree Mall
Tourist Information at City Hall
Early childhood services
Bulk billed medical centre
Secondary School
Anglican Church
Bank of Andrewsberg
International Interpreters Service
Job centre
Aged Care Centre