Street Lighting


Street lighting Poles and fittings make a major impact on the appearance of the road scheme/urban design and should be planned as part of the overall design concept from the initial stage. It is especially important that in old historic towns and conservation areas, particular attention should be paid to the aesthetic quality of the street lighting design and installation moreover at the same time equal care should be taken to avoid light pollution, particularly in rural areas.

Lighting choices

There are a number of options for street lighting. Each has different characteristics, features and price tags. Explore below to view the options and tell use your preferences.

Option 1: Bronze

This is a high-quality, single cast bronze poll. It costs $1,500 per installation but is highly durable and attractive.

Option 2: Traditional

This is a budget street lamp, designed for providing wide-area lighting. At $700 per installation, it is the budget option.

Where is lighting needed the most?

Using the map below, tell us where lighting is needed the most to improve safety and amenity. Remember that each light costs a significant amount of money, so try an use Council's resources wisely.